Introducing Docker to Mac Management

Recently, I presented at the February 2015 Meet-up at Facebook.

The topic was (and this should not come as a huge shock to anyone):
Introducing Docker to Mac Management.

A full recap of the event can be found on

I’d like to point out that most of the presentation was demoing actual Docker usage, and I didn’t cover a good chunk of the slides – so there’ll be some material in the slides I didn’t talk about.

The Keynote presentation, zip file of presentation, and PDF can be found on GitHub:

Slide deck, thanks to for posting:

Originally posted on SlideShare.

A recording of the event, thanks to for posting the links:

Originally posted on Ustream.

Mike Arpaia’s talk on osquery was fascinating, and I’m already thinking of ways to incorporate it…

One thought on “ Introducing Docker to Mac Management

  1. Hello, Thank you for your talk. I was very excited to get an insight into Docker. One thing that is not clear for me though is… would you use this in a production environment or is it really just a great way for testing things? Thanks


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