I’m Nick McSpadden, and I’m an OS X and iOS administrator. I worked as a Mac Admin in K-12 Education full-time from 2006 to 2015, and now work with Milestone Technologies at Facebook, but I’ve been involved with OS X and Macs for my entire life. I’m also a certified Apple Consultant with Virtua Computers. I’m based in San Francisco, California.

Site Rules

This blog is intended as a place for me to collect information that is relevant to me, and document it in a way that makes sense for me to read later. My tone tends to be conversational and collaborative, and I have a habit of writing the way I talk – to an audience. I hope some of this information is also relevant to you, as education and IT in general is largely a collaborative process and we all benefit from sharing knowledge.

Comments are enabled, but I expect a general level of decorum. Please be nice and constructive. Rude, inflammatory, or abuse commentary will not be tolerated and may be summarily deleted.

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